Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where Shall We Go Today?

I hope you had a great time on the first stops on our virtual vacation. Let's head off across the country looking for some more great sunny, warm spots to escape the rainy weather in the Pacific NW.

First stop - Colorado

It's not quite as warm as it was in the Bahamas, but look at those skies!! Now that's sunshine for you.

Jump in the car, we're headed off to Sin City. We'll be on our best behavior, though.

Second stop - Las Vegas, NV

Hmmm... No sunny pictures, but it sure is nice and warm. The lights at night in Las Vegas are really what shows off the beauty of the town. It's very colorful.

I promise more sunshine in our next two stops. Be sure to come along for the rest of the trip. You'll be surprised at where we're headed. Hope you're having fun.

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Maddy and Owen said...

Oh! Colorado looks very nice-we want to go there!
Maddy and Owen