Saturday, February 28, 2009

Art Walk

We took Kendall out on the SE Portland Art Walk today. This was a self-guided tour of the studios, home work spaces, galleries, host homes and businesses of area artists in SE Portland. It was a bit cold and blustery but no rain. I had to go over to that side of town, anyway, for a haircut, so it was a good excuse to take Kendall out. She'd been to small dog play hour in the morning, so she was already a bit tired. She gets distracted very easily by all of the traffic noises and people around. I think that she'll get used to all of that the more we get her out of her play day/doggie day care circle. Summer's coming and opportunities to get her used to more things will come along.

On the way home we stopped at the Lucky Lab Brewery where she met a ginormous dog. She was a bit leary at first but then had a great time.

Yappy Hour

Kendall went to Yappy Hour at Urban Wineworks in downtown Portland on Wednesday. Oh, we went too. It was sponsored by LexiDog and benefited the Oregon Humane Society. All proceeds from the bottle purchases went to the Humane Society. Kendall had a great time. There were probably 100 people there with their dogs. It was kind of funny-there was the human happy hour going on up at the human level and then the sniffing, greeting hour going on down at the dog level. Even with all those dogs in one place there was no barking or growling going on. Just a whole lot of fun.

Unfortunately, they announced that it was the last yappy hour as the winery is closing its doors after its clearance sale next weekend. Just when we found somewhere fun to go during the winter.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New lens?

I'm trying out a lens I may buy from someone I know. I shot a few snapshots in the back yard with the camera set on its automatic settings. So far I like it. It can only get better as I learn how to use the camera more. What do you think?

Purple ball

I bought a purple playground ball for Kendall thinking she'd like to bat it around the back yard and chase after it as other dogs in my life have. Well, that hasn't happened. She runs around and around and around the ball. She barks at it occasionally but mostly runs around it. It's funny when the ball drifts around the back yard with the wind. She thinks it's after her. She doesn't seem afraid of it but doesn't want to play WITH it, either.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day at the Oregon Coast

There hasn't been a lot to blog about because there haven't been any interesting Kendall adventures. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to be during the summer and fall, but the winters can get a bit long and dreary. There's not a lot going on and not a lot to get out and do. Kendall's adventures have been limited to indoor activities and walks in the park.

This past weekend we decided to brave the elements and head out to the coast for a night in the trailer. I've had the flu and figured I could be sick at the coast just as well as I could be sick at home. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The weather was ok on Saturday but it poured down rain on Sunday. We headed home right after breakfast on Sunday. We camped at Fort Stevens State Park. If you head out there in the winter be sure to camp in a loop with a heated bathroom and hot water. It can get mighty cold in the unheated bathrooms!

The wreck of the Peter Iredale

Kendall looking out at the ocean.

The breeze blowing her hair

Sitting by the camp fire

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day, held on the first Friday in February each year, is a day when Americans nationwide wear red to show their support for women's heart disease awareness.

Kendall went to the groomer's today, and came home with red bows in her hair - quite fitting for today.