Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day at the Oregon Coast

There hasn't been a lot to blog about because there haven't been any interesting Kendall adventures. The Pacific Northwest is a great place to be during the summer and fall, but the winters can get a bit long and dreary. There's not a lot going on and not a lot to get out and do. Kendall's adventures have been limited to indoor activities and walks in the park.

This past weekend we decided to brave the elements and head out to the coast for a night in the trailer. I've had the flu and figured I could be sick at the coast just as well as I could be sick at home. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The weather was ok on Saturday but it poured down rain on Sunday. We headed home right after breakfast on Sunday. We camped at Fort Stevens State Park. If you head out there in the winter be sure to camp in a loop with a heated bathroom and hot water. It can get mighty cold in the unheated bathrooms!

The wreck of the Peter Iredale

Kendall looking out at the ocean.

The breeze blowing her hair

Sitting by the camp fire

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