Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pedicures, taxes, a blog hop and Cavalier day

How's that for a hodge podge of topics for a blog post? I went for a much needed, long awaited pedicure this morning. My poor feet have been hidden in heavy socks and shoes all winter and needed a little sprucing up.

Our taxes were finished and ready to be picked up, so we were able to check one more thing off of our To Do list.

It's Saturday, so it must be time for the Pet Blog Hop. What fun. Click on over and check out all of the pet blogs out there for your perusing pleasure.

And lastly, tomorrow is the monthly Cavalier Day down at Urban Fauna on the north Park Blocks in downtown Portland. We'll be there and hope to see you, too.


The Teacher's Pets said...

Those are very random topics to cover in one blog, fur sure! I haven't had a pedicure in such a long time so I think I will follow your lead! Getting my taxes done will be something I hope to continue procrastinating on though.

Felissa Hadas said...
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Felissa Hadas said...

Have fun at Cavalier Day!

Two Little Cavaliers
Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana