Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Oregon Wine Country

We didn't have much planned for Easter, so we decided to take Kendall and drive out through Oregon wine country. We had a Cellar Club shipment to pick up at Sokol Blosser. It was a very showery day, so hanging out at the vineyard and drinking wine wasn't an option today. Here are some pictures from some of our sunnier visits.

Looking out at Archery Summit winery taken last fall

We drove out to Carlton to visit the newly opened tasting room of Noble Pig and J Wrigley Vineyards. It's a great little cottage filled with wine, of course, and lots of wine-related things. I saw a cute wire barrel into which you can put your wine corks. It sure beats putting them all in a basket for the cats to get into and leave all over the house. (Not that that ever happens at our house.)

We came home with a 2008 Noble Pig Pinot Gris, a 2008 Noble Pig Pinot Noir, and two Reidel pinot noir glasses with the Noble Pig logo on them.

Here's Kendall checking out the new tasting room. As you can see, it was pretty wet out.

I'd never been to Carlton before. It has a number of tasting rooms and reminds me a lot of Sonoma, CA from a long time ago. Dundee seems to have dropped the ball and has missed the opportunity to transform into a cute, wine country destination. Carlton looks a lot more promising. If you're ever out here, it's worth the drive to check out the little town and its tasting rooms. I look forward to visiting again when it's not raining so hard. Then we can walk around town a bit.

Cathy, from Noble Pig, also writes a great food blog that's worth following. She comes up with some of the best recipes. One of my favorites is her Reuben Dip.
Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter no matter how you chose to spend it.

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