Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop and some Overdue Maintenance

It's Saturday, and I'm sitting here with a long layover in the Chicago airport. Some may think that's a bad thing, but it makes it possible for me to do some long overdue blog maintenance. Thanks to Miz Kodee and Miz Becky over at Bark 'n About, I was able to update the list of Cavalier blogs in the side bar.

It also means I have time to join the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop.

I have three more hours in the Red Carpet Club at O'Hare to visit all of these great pet blogs. I can't think of a better way to spend my time.


Alien said...

Welcome to the madness!

We love new friends.


Levonne said...

Hey Gretchen, Thanks for coming by A Camp Host's Meanderings. Gingee and I look forward to following Kendall's adventures.

Christina said...

What a great way to kill time at he airport. We are now following you from the Sat Pet Blogger Hop. Kendall is a doll!
Happy Valentines! Lexi and Christina (

Rouky said...

As always, I love your blog and you are making it better than ever. Way to go!

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

Hi Gretchen and Kendall! Thanks for visiting It's Always Sunny in Somerville - Kendall is just beautiful! Hope you'll be back - I certainly will!