Sunday, February 20, 2011

Homebaked Dog Treats

I had to bake some cupcakes to take to a potluck dinner yesterday and decided that it was about time I made the dog treats using the mix that Kendall got for her birthday. She received a Ball jar full of all of the dry ingredients needed to make dog treats, and there was a bone-shaped cookie cutter tied on.

There was a cute dog on the lid.

The directions for baking the dog treats didn't come with it, so I winged it. I added a little bit of honey and then added water until it seemed to be the right consistency. I mixed it with my hands until it was just wet enough to hold together and be able to press out flat so I could use the cookie cutter. I put down some corn meal on the wax paper and cut out the treats. It made quite a few.
All cut out and ready to bake  

I baked them in a 325 deg oven for an hour and then turned off the oven. I left the treats in there until this morning so they'd have a chance to get as dry as possible. And here they are...

I think next time I'll poke holes along the treats so that the insides will get a bit crunchier. They are kind of big for Kendall, so I'll keep my eye out for a smaller cookie cutter.

Waiting in anticipation  

Kendall really liked them. They weren't too hard to make, and I like that I know what went into them.

Good to the last crumb
We ran into Ryno's parents at the potluck. Ryno was at Kendall's birthday party last summer in Carnation, WA. I sent a dog bone home with them for him. Hopefully we'll get to see him out camping this summer.

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