Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BlogHer Conference

I've decided to do something fun for myself. I'm going to the BlogHer Conference in San Diego in August. I do a lot of technical writing for work and enjoy the outlet that keeping this blog gives me. I know I can do a better job here, and I'm looking forward to finding out ways to make this blog better. I'm not interested in doing this for a profit - just increasing my readership. I like that I don't have any ads on here now and that the content is family friendly.

I have all of my ducks in a row: airline ticket - check, hotel reservation - check, BlogHer Conference registration - check. Are any of you thinking of attending? If so, I may be willing to share my hotel room at the convention hotel. I made sure I reserved two double beds. I'm not adventurous enough to open that invitation to all of the bloggers going to the conference, but I might be willing to share with a fellow pet lover - especially one that reads my blog.

It's exciting to think that I'll be traveling for something for me for once rather than work. I'm hoping big things come out of this.

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Maddy and Owen said...

Have fun at the conference! Share any cool info with us :)
Maddy and Owen