Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some People are Awesome!

Today, while out riding my bike with Kendall in her trailer, I stopped to take some pictures. Kendall wanted to see the river, so I set my camera on a bench. Then, when it came time to leave, I chatted with some people while loading Kendall into her trailer. I never looked over at the bench to see that my camera was still there. About an hour later I stopped for a drink and couldn't find my camera. You know that sinking feeling...

I retraced my ride and came upon two very nice people walking Boxers that I had met on the ride. As I rode up, they smiled. They had my camera!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are two awesome people.

Sounds like it's time to start refilling my karma pot.

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Love My Cavaliers said...

I just LOVE honesty!!! That is so nice. I know exactly that same sinking feeling that you're talking about and it is such a positive feeling to know that there are some beautiful honest people out there. What a lovely experience for you.