Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labor Day Weekend in Packwood, WA

Before heading to Central Oregon, we spent Labor Day weekend camped near Packwood, WA. We've tried a few different campgrounds in the area but decided to stay at La Wis Wis campground just east of Packwood. It's a Gifford Pinchot National Forest campground with the usual vault toilets and no hook-ups. We're used to dry camping from our years with our teardrop trailer. We finally got a few couple of days of camping in with no rain!

The site was huge!
Since we've never been there before, I had to blindly choose our site from the crude map on the reservation page. Our site turned out to be huge! You could've put three or four tents on the site and still had room for a fire and the Easy-up. Unfortunately the driveway was really small so we had to turn the trailer at an angle to get it and the truck to fit in the driveway. This campground is huge but definitely isn't designed for trailers. There is one loop that has longer driveways but most of the driveways aren't nearly long enough for a trailer and a rig.

We were also right along the river. I'd tell you what site it is, but then we'd never be able to reserve it again : )

There was a lot of moss hanging from the trees. I felt like I was in the south except for the chilly temperatures.

Each Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, the entire town of Packwood, WA turns into a gigantic swap meet. We don't usually go looking for anything in particular, but it's always fun to browse through what people are selling.

Kendall's swap meet finds
It's been very rare for us to actually capture a glimpse of Mount Rainier during our visits. On Saturday, the mountain was visible between the surrounding hills. When I snapped this picture I had no idea that there was someone with some weird glasses in the picture. What's up with those glasses?

It started to rain on Sunday morning. We've had enough camping in the rain this past summer to last us awhile, so we packed up and headed home.

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