Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wine Tasting at Sokol Blosser Winery

Last Sunday was a beautiful day in Oregon. We drove down to McMinnville to drop off things at our favorite resale shop, New to You, and decided to take Kendall along. A little bit of research told us that Sokol Blosser was dog friendly, and they were right on the way. The tasting room was crowded, but there weren't many people sitting out in their picnic area. I picked up a bottle of Meditrina and we sat outside.

I found the information on the internet regarding dog-friendly wineries in Oregon to be a bit spotty. I'm thinking of putting together a nice long (hopefully) list of wineries to visit with your favorite pup. Does anyone know of any others that welcome dogs on their grounds?

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Lindsay said...

That's awesome!! I hadn't even thought about taking the dogs wine tasting! Thanks for posting that and I would LOVE it if you put together a site or list with information on dog friendly wineries. I wonder if any of the places have dog size limitations. Hopefull not!