Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been in Florida this past week cleaning out my mom's house. After working hard for five days straight, my friend and I finished with enough time to stop at Blue Spring State Park on the way back to Orlando. It's been really cold down here for Florida, so the manatees are up in the rivers. The spring maintains a temperature of 72 deg F, so the manatees go up in there to keep warm. When it's time to feed, they go out into the river to eat the vegetation.

And one armadillo
I was able to get my Cavalier fix while in Florida. Two cute Cavaliers named Cinnamon (a blenheim) and Jasmine (a tri-color) came by on their walks a couple of times a day.


Love My Cavaliers said...

That gorgeous greeney blue water looks so inviting today. It's very hot here now and we'd love to jump in and swim with those Manatees. Thanks for sharing and welcome home from your little holiday. Marley & Jasper.

Maddy and Owen said...

What great pictures! That water looks beautiful :)
Maddy and Owen

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!! My husband had the opportunity to swim with the manatees once! Stop by our blog we have a great giveaway going on!

Marianne said...

That park looks beautiful. I'll have to check it out, how far is it from Orlando?

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING place.