Monday, January 3, 2011

My Little Experiment

There's a little evergreen tree that has sprouted up right next to the road by a light pole near where I work. I've watched the little tree grow from a sprig to about 3' or so over the last couple of years. I'm surprised the lawn service that takes care of the grounds around there hasn't cut it down yet.

I decided to try a little social experiment to see how much people were into the holiday spirit. A few weeks before Christmas I put a red and a green Christmas ornament on the tree and sat back and waited. Nothing happened for a week or so, and I started to get discouraged. Maybe my little experiment wouldn't work. Then, driving home from work I saw it...four more balls on the tree AND a silver star! Someone had helped decorate my little tree. It snowballed from there. The garland with the silver bells appeared a day later. Then, some green bows, a chili pepper, and two snowflakes. What fun!

Thanks to everyone who added decorations for making the experiment a success! Let's hope the little tree is around next year.


OscarBlogger said...

I just came across your blog and it's great! Glad to hear that other people were helping you decorate that tree. What a good idea!

Kristin G. said...

Very cool! I'm glad people shared in the Christmas spirit. :)