Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rascal wine

I was in the store yesterday and a label on a bottle of wine caught my eye. The wine is called Rascal Pinot Noir, and it has a sillouhette of a dog on it.

The reason why it caught my eye is because one of the dogs we had when I was growing up was named Rascal. She was a little TerriPoo that made her way to our house by way of the vet who lived next door. She was cute as anything as a puppy - aren't they all - but she grew into a little terror. She would eat anything, and I mean anything. She ate everything metal that she could find. She ate buttons off of blouses, she ate tissues; you name it, she ate it. She even ate my mom's good gold earrings once. I remember mom followed her around for awhile, and finally got them back. Not only did she eat everything, she wouldn't let you take it away. She'd hide under the dining room table and bite anyone who went under there to retrieve whatever it was she was eating.

I noticed that the dog on the wine label has a little halo hanging over his head. I sure hope this wine is a lot better than Rascal was.

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