Thursday, August 26, 2010

National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than a trip to the groomer? Kendall goes to a great groomer that we found by way of another dog owner. She goes to Debbie at Deb's Laundra Mutt in Beaverton. She always comes home looking so cute and smelling much, much better.

She was acting goofy in the back yard, so I decided to play along and shoot some goofy pictures.

Am I close enough?


How do you like my top knot? My mom thinks it makes me look cute.
However you decide to celebrate, have fun with your canine friend.

1 comment:

Love My Cavaliers said...

Love the long tongue. Isn't that a party trick...touching your nose with your tongue LOL! Dogs can do it so easily. Very cute Kendall and we love your top know. Marley has a natural one on his head and we try to smooth it down all the time. Maybe we should just let him and Kendall set the trend.