Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camping at John Neal Memorial Park

We took the trailer out this weekend for a quick trip down to John Neal Memorial Park in Lyons, OR. We like that park because it's right on the banks of the Santiam River. There are some rapids right in front of the site we always choose, which drowns out any noise that you might get from other campers. We went there last August, too.

Our favorite site on the banks of the Santiam River

Kendall's view of the river

Kendall in her own camping chair

Kendall has her own camping chair. She's not big on camping and doesn't like to lay in the dirt. She just went to the groomer on Thursday, but you'd never know it after this weekend. She's going to need a good brushing and a bath.

If you can't be in your chair, you may as well be on a sleeping pad
The camp fire
Kendall's not big on camp fires, either. She tends to be ready for bed around 9 pm whether we are or not. We put her to bed in the trailer and stayed up for awhile. It was a cool weekend with temps in the mid 60's and 70's. That's pretty cool for Oregon in August.

This morning, while eating breakfast, I noticed something moving along in the grass. Check out this slug! I put the deck of cards in the picture so we'd have some reference as to its size.

We made it through the weekend with no rain!

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Rouky said...

Kendall, did you know that my mom works for a camping magazine? It's in French because we are from Quebec. We think you are a very good camper!