Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Tenderfoot

As I mentioned earlier, we spent the weekend camping at Stub Stewart State Park. The nice thing about camping at this park this time of year is that the camping pads are all gravel, so you don't have to worry too much about lots of mud.

One thing we didn't count on was the fact that it's early in the season and Kendall's not had a chance to toughen up the pads on her feet. It's been a really wet spring here in the Pacific NW, and while we walk her twice a day and go to the dog park, her pads aren't as toughened up as they could be.

We went for a long walk on one of the paved paths in nearby Vernonia. When we got back to camp, Kendall was walking very gingerly. We checked her feet for anything that may have been lodged in there, but I think she just walked too much. I googled sore pads and came up with a few things. What do you all do when your pup's "dogs are barking?"

This happened on our Washington road trip last year, too. That was the end of the season and her feet should have been toughened up. I thought about getting her some booties for those times that this occurs. Lindsay over at Life with Big Dogs did  a great review of booties last year. Anyone ever tried booties on your Cavalier?

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Love My Cavaliers said... very sweet. Kendall you are just a softy like all our Cavaliers. Not sure what to do about this problem. Jasper gets sore legs when he walks too much too, but he has hip dysplasia so we have to be careful not to overwalk him too much in one day.

Sending you cuddles. You look so soft and cuddly. Sleep softly dear Kendall.