Monday, June 14, 2010

Bark in the Park 2010

As promised, I finally got got back on the computer this evening to post some pictures. Way back on May 7th, we took Kendall to the last Bark in the Park at the Portland Beavers baseball game. They're no longer going to be based out of Portland, OR after the end of this season. Usually they schedule two per season, but for some reason, there is only one this year. It was scheduled really early in the season and wasn't very well advertised, so attendance was really low.

The seats that the company where I work have are right behind the dugout of the opposing team. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of room by your feet, so Kendall doesn't fit behind the wall very well. We went down and hung out in the beer garden where there is a lot more room.

The seats were a little low for her.
This is a fun picture with the Drop Top Amber dog in the background.

We're going to miss going to the baseball games once or twice a year.

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Love My Cavaliers said...

Kendall you get to go some really fun places. There is no way we could take a dog to a ball game, or a restaurant over here.