Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blame it on the iPad

I can't believe it's June 13th already. Where did the time go? I realized today that I haven't posted in awhile and you can blame that on my iPad. Turns out that since I got this thing I hardly ever look at my laptop when I'm home. I spend all day on the computer and the iPad is a great way to keep up with Facebook and message boards without really breaking out the computer.

I also found that I'm less likely to pound out a long email or make a blog post with the small onscreen keyboard. I haven't figured out yet how to post pictures. Don't worry. I'll break out the computer soon and post all of the pictures I'm storing up.

Posted from my iPad.

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Love My Cavaliers said... exciting! Our Mummy loves these gadgets too, but she doesn't have one of those...YET! Don't let it stop you from blogging though or we'll miss you. Nice to see your puppy face.