Monday, May 3, 2010

Who doesn't love a parade?

We seem to have a knack for finding towns that are having festivals or parades. Saturday was Loyalty Days in Newport, OR, and it just so happened that they had a parade planned. The parade was in honor of our veterans.
There is a Coast Guard station in Newport, and they did the honors of carrying the first American flag in the parade. I just amazes me how many people don't stand when the flag comes by.

These were just some of the veterans in the parade. They were Vietnam veterans.

There were community groups, as well.

The Shriners were out in full force.
And Ronald McDonald made an appearance.

This was an interesting way to advertise a local fitness center.

This guy was with a local furniture company. He could actually steer the recliner with the knob in his hand.

I never knew the Oregon State Police had their own posse.

Kendall met this cute dog who is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. She was a cutie.

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