Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Fun

There's something magical that happens to dogs' brains when you get them on the beach. They're more playful, they chase things you can't see, and they have the best times of their lives.

We made a quick trip to the Oregon coast this weekend and were lucky to have good weather. It only showered off and on, which is pretty good for Oregon in early May.
She's on the hunt for something she's sure she's going to able to catch; maybe one of those birds that keeps teasing her.
The tide was very low during our walk after breakfast.

We were at the mouth of the Siletz Bay. There were a number of seals in the water and laying on the beach.
Kendall's sure she can get to those birds. If only we'd let her go swimming.
We met a cute Corgi and his parents on their way out for a walk.

It was a beautiful day at the beach.


Love My Cavaliers said...

Kendall we understand....we love to chase birds too...they just won't let us get close enough hey? One day we'll devise a way of getting of our leads and chasing them to our hearts content!

The sand at your beach is so different from over here. We've never seen such coarse brown sand. Is it rough beneath your feet, like little grainy pebbles?...we're so curious to know how it feels.

Gretchen said...

The pictures are from the inlet to the bay, so most of the sand there is grainy. It's a mixture of tiny pebbles and crushed shells. It's hard to walk in. Around the bend, where the waves break, the sand is much finer. It's not like the fluffy white sand you see in Hawaii or the Caribbean.