Saturday, April 17, 2010

NW Companion Pet Fair

Today was a fun-filled day. We spent the morning at the NW Companion Pet Fair at the Expo Center in Portland. Kendall wore her "Therapy Dog in Training" vest because I wanted as many people as possible to greet her. We've been working really hard on getting her not to jump on people who fawn over her. Her Delta Society evaluation is next Saturday, so the more people she could meet, the better.

She had a chance to try out some agility. She'll never be an agility dog, but she had fun.

There were lots of dogs there. You could bring your well-behaved dog with you, if you gave them a donation.
Here she's actually paying attention to me.

I don't usually like her to meet other dogs nose to nose, but this pug didn't look threatening at all.
Kendall didn't really know what to make of this stuffed dog. He didn't smell right.
We wrapped up the day by going to the Island Cafe, a floating restaurant that plays island music. This time last year we were in the Florida Keys. It wasn't quite the same, but we had a great lunch. Oh, they're dog friendly.

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Love My Cavaliers said...

Kendall, you are very cute! Looks like you had lots of fun with all the other dogs there. I've heard of Cavaliers being used as therapy dogs but not in our country. Maybe you could write a post about that one day. I'd love to learn more about how it works.