Saturday, January 9, 2010

A glimpse of the sun

We're well into the rainy season here in the Pacific NW, and we're feeling the effects. There's not a lot of dog activities going on as everyone hunkers down at home. I was able to catch the sun as it peeked out of the clouds one day last week.

We took Kendall to small dog play hour at Pup-a-Razzi this morning, and there were 27 dogs there! You know it's been rainy when that many show up to play. It's so cute watching them all run around and play. They're a pretty well behaved bunch with lots of hovering humans. It's a great way to expend a little bit of energy.

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Kitty A. Smith-Pet Photography said...

Kendall, we love to see other Cavaliers with blogs of their own. We have a couple. We would love for you to send us a picture for Who is the Cutest Cavalier, you should be there definitely!

We love your picture with your pink blanket. ;-)