Monday, November 9, 2009

New Sweater

I finally finished the sweater I started knitting last spring with the knitting group. I only knit when I travel, and I've been doing a lot of that lately. I was able to finish knitting the sweater on yesterday's flight and sewed it up this afternoon - just in time to post before I fly out again.

I can't say she's in love with it, but I'm sure she'll like it more when winter sets in and it makes her nice and warm. It's a Cascade 220 washable wool in a blue heather tone. I knitted it in a ribbing pattern since she was still growing when I started the project.

The armholes came out a little big, but the length under her belly and along her back came out perfect.

The pattern and the measurements for adapting it to your dog can be found here.


havfaith said...

Aww, she's so cute! Thanks for letting me know about your sweater. I love to see what others have made with the template. I love the color! I'm sure she'll be more appreciative once it's keeping her warm and cozy. =) My little guy doesn't seem to mind wearing them when it gets cold, but I can't leave it on him unsupervised - he REALLY likes wool... and not in a good way. heh

havfaith said...

Oh, and I think I need to add an illustration to show where to take each measurement to make it a bit easier for others to follow. Just haven't quite gotten around to that quite yet.

The Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

What a great sweater! I wish I knew how to knit.