Saturday, August 29, 2009

Metzler Park camping

We spent another weekend camping at the beautiful Metzler Park in Estacada. It's a Clackamas County park with big sites. It's the third time we've camped at this particular park and will probably visit again. There are some sites with hookups but the tent sites are the best. They'll fit a small trailer like ours. We opted for a non-hookup site. The weather was beautiful. My mom was in town visiting from Florida, so we took her camping with us.

The salamanders and crawfish had some sort of weird scum on them, so we were advised not to let Kendall in the water. She's not much of a swimmer anyway, so we opted to head into Estacada in the afternoon. We stopped at a really fun store - Mike's Second Hand store. It was filled from floor to ceiling with stuff. It is the most organized second hand store I've ever seen and Mike knows where everything is. You could spend all day there. Kendall and I were hanging out in front of the store waiting for one of our group to come out and take Kendall. Mike invited Kendall in! We browsed the store, bought a few things, and Kendall helped pick up the dust bunnies lurking under the shelves. Definitely worth a visit next time you're in Estacada.

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