Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July at the Oregon Coast

We spent the holiday weekend camping at Nehalem Bay State Park on the Oregon coast. While it was in the 90's in the valley, it was a nice cool 65 at the coast. It was really windy when we arrived on Thursday afternoon. The clouds rolled in and it cooled off. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings the marine layer was present and didn't burn off until late in the day. BUT - no rain!

The park was surprisingly quiet. It was almost full every night. The interesting thing was that most people around us didn't come and stay for the whole weekend. We had a lot of one-nighters. There were some big groups camping together that had the potential for lots of noise, but nothing ever came of it. When I was talking with the ranger, he said that he made sure that they knew that the beach was available if they wanted to party. There's a huge dune between the ocean and the campground and they couldn't be heard.

We were a bit worried about the fireworks. This was Kendall's first 4th of July and we didn't know what to expect. She wasn't bothered one bit. The park was really strict about not allowing ANY fireworks in the park. The police were even camped in one of the spots. The town of Manzanita was very strict about no illegal fireworks. Overall, it was a very quiet and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Kendall met two other Blenheim Cavaliers staying in our loop. Believe it or not, they were both named Max! One was camping right next to us. We didn't see them at all on Thursday, and when we got up to go for a walk on Friday morning, there he was. He was a 10 mo. old cutie. They left on Friday and another Cavalier moved in around the loop. He was a 2 yr old Cav.

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