Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oregon Coast

I took Clyde to the coast for his birthday this past weekend. The weather was beautiful when we got there on Friday afternoon. We could see all the way to the horizon. It was warm and sunny, very unusual for the Oregon coast in May. We stayed in a great condo with an amazing view! We'll definitely be back to visit.

Of course, we took Kendall with us. She loves the beach. She was really enjoying the sunshine and her new chew toy in the condo.

She couldn't help but look cute in this picture.

Friday evening the fog rolled in and stayed throughout Saturday. I didn't get a lot of pictures on the beach because of the fog. This was taken with the little point-and-shoot camera because I didn't want to get all the moisture in my good camera.

It cleared up a bit on Sunday morning, although it was still overcast. I got up early and saw a whale. I thought about waking up Clyde but knew he'd never be awake fast enough to come over to the window and see it. It spouted three times before I lost it behind the buildings. We also saw lots of seals playing in the water. There was a baby seal on the beach that Clyde walked up and saw, but I stayed back with Kendall.

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