Monday, May 25, 2009

Camping Season is Here!

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means it's time for Spring Fling 2009. Every year we join the Teardrops of Oregon and Washington (TOW) for a gathering of teardrop and vintage trailers near Packwood, WA. Usually it pours down rain, but we lucked out this year with beautiful weather in the 70's.

This year the gathering was moved to the property of one of the TOW members because the campground we were scheduled to visit was damaged by all the snow we had back in December 2008.

We drove in to Packwood, WA on Saturday to visit their swap meet. The entire town turns into one gigantic swap meet with vendors in every parking lot and field. There's lots of shopping to be done. We weren't looking for anything in particular this year, but it's always fun to walk around and see what kind of stuff the vendors have. Kendall met lots and lots of dogs and even more people. It was great for her. We're really trying to get her used to meeting people without jumping up on them. It's hard when people come at her with arms extended, excited kissy faces, and they're bending down to her level. She's getting better as she meets more and more people.

That's Mount Rainier in the background.

There was a chainsaw artist there that was just starting to carve a huge log.

It got really dewey (is that a word?) at night. Kendall did not like getting wet in the morning one bit!

I've got lots of pictures of trailers and other fun stuff from the weekend that I'll post later this week.

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