Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kendall comes to live with us!

We got home from vacation on Saturday the 13th and Kendall came to live with us on Sunday at 4 pm. It was a fun but tiring week for all involved. It's now a week later, we've got a routine established, and things are going great. So far, no chewing problems. We work really hard to make sure she always has an appropriate chew toy. She has quickly learned how to come, sit, lay down, and roll over. We're going to have to come up with new things to teach her. She's a fast learner.

Yesterday we went to small dog play hour at the place where Kendall will go to puppy preschool. I tried to take pictures, but she was so fast, I couldn't capture it. She had so much fun! She jumped right in and played with all the dogs. She was exhausted afterwards.

Last night her hernia stayed in!! We've been pushing it in daily hoping that the hole would close up small enough to hold her insides in.

Today we're having some friends over that have kids to further socialize her. This was her BEFORE the kids came over. It's tough being a puppy.

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