Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cats, Mice, and Rats!

It's not as bad as it sounds. Kendall and the cats have come to an agreement about who's in charge and you can bet that it's the cats. They're declawed (got them that way) so a few swats to Kendall as she frolicks around them lets her know when they've had enough. Rico is trying to be friends with her. He'll come in the family room, hang out, and even roll over on his back waiting for her to come over and play with him.

One of Kendall's favorite things to do when she escapes from the family room/kitchen is to raid the cats' toy box. I rid the box of anything that I thought would be a problem before she came, but it turns out that she loves to steal little furry mice. They're so small that only the tails sticks out of her mouth. I got rid of all of the mice today so that all of the toys are now as big as or bigger than her dog toys. Stephanie gave her some really cute little toys from Ikea that I put in the cat box. They're hers, but she likes to think she can run in and steal them from the cats.

She loves my stuffed rat that I picked up from Ikea. It's soft and has a nice long tail to carry the rat around by.

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