Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kendall's on vacation

Kendall went to stay with one of my co-workers and his dog, Tucker, a Samoyed. Tucker's stayed at our house before, and she and Kendall get along great. We miss her, but I hear she's having fun and charming my co-worker's neighbors. Meanwhile, we're away in Central Oregon staying at a place that doesn't allow pets. Here's a picture I received last night. Look like Kendall's making herself at home.

When we headed out on a bike ride after dinner last night we ran into a lady with four Cavaliers - 3 on lead and one following behind. She had three Blenheims and a Ruby. The one that was following behind had found a dead chimpmunk (or whatever you call them here.) It would not leave it. Sounds familiar. Then, today, out on our bike ride, we ran into a family with their Blenheim Cavalier in a basket on the front of the guy's bike. The dog was a cutie. There are Cavaliers everywhere! I can't wait to bring Kendall here sometime. Here, as in to the resort, not to the wonderful place we are staying.

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Lindsay said...

What a cutie! I love all the pictures of Kendall!!