Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puzzle class

We took Kendall to the Puzzles for Canine Brainiacs class today at the Oregon Humane Society. It was a class that was geared to teach you how to stimulate your dog's mental side. Dogs need both physical and mental exercise. We were doing great on the physical exercise but had run out of games/tricks to teach Kendall. She's too smart for her own good. We picked up some good ideas today, and Kendall had a great time.

She was one tired dog when we got home. She had been to small dog play hour this morning, ran a bunch of errands with us in the afternoon, and then attended the class.

You'd think she'd be sleeping now, but she's currently playing with the ball I got her that dispenses food as she rolls it around on the floor.

She found a toy she liked. Unfortunately, it was a bit big for her and she got scared by it once it rolled around.

This was a smaller ball, but we couldn't even get a treat out of it. A bit too hard.

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