Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kendall's first day of school

Kendall started puppy preschool last night. There were 6 puppies there of all shapes and sizes and there are three more puppies scheduled to join us next week. Kendall's brother, Riley, is also in the class. They spent about 5 min. running around checking each other out. This was the first time Kendall had been around big loose dogs. She saw a bunch of big dogs at Pinot and Pooch but they were well-behaved dogs on leashes. The big puppies seemed to scare Kendall a bit but after retreating and gathering her wits she was ready to jump right in again.

The teacher, Jen, spent a lot of time talking, which she said was unique to the first class. The humans got some direction on calling your dog. and we were given the assignment to work on sitting, spinning, and paying attention (the dogs - not the humans). We really need to work on paying attention. We saw some improvement today when coming and paying attention was paired with treats. She can sit, lay down, shake, speak, and roll over just fine, but she doesn't like to pay attention when she's interested in something else.

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