Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kendall and I went for our Delta Society Pet Partner evaluation last Saturday morning. We passed on everything except she jumped up on people a few times. That's a no-no and something we've been working on. Kendall was great with her commands and people interactions, just not the jumping up. She gets so excited to meet people.

I got some pointers on how to work on things. The hard part right now is actually meeting people she doesn't know. There's not a lot of dog things going on right now so she's not out in public all that much. When I take her to the mall with her vest on people are reluctant to pet her because they've been taught not to pet service dogs.

We're scheduled to retest in April. Looks like we have a lot of work to do before then.

So close...

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Importance of Microchips

Earlier this week I was browsing the Wanted section of our local Craigslist (you never know what people are looking for that you might have sitting around) and saw that someone had posted a "Found Puppy" ad. It was a strange place for a found puppy ad so I looked over in the Pets section and saw that someone in the same town had lost a puppy. I emailed the owner and he was able to get his puppy back. Yay!

I asked him whether the puppy had tags or even a microchip. The puppy didn't have either when it was lost, but does now. Turns out that the person who found the puppy did take it to a vet to look for a microchip, but none was found. It was this puppy's lucky day, but it could have turned out much worse. I can't recommend microchipping your dog enough. Please, if you have a dog, microchip him, or at the very least put some tags on your dog so you can be reunited.

OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now.

UPDATE: I can't believe it. It happened again tonight. I was perusing the Pets section and saw a dog that was found near here. I looked in the Lost and Found section and there was a similar dog. I hooked the two people up and the owner got her dog back. Yay! So glad it all worked out well.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Park Pictures

It's been unusually warm here in the Pacific NW. Kendall spent the afternoon at the local park.